Saturday, March 20, 2010

Living A Passionate Life!

SPRING has sprung-the old adage says! It's the beginning of the gardening season, for me the best time of the year-so full of promise and possibility. I get by in the winter by birdwatching and feeding-a "cooler"passion, fueled by my year round love of reading and writing. Our connection to the earth needs to be seasonless. Irregardless of time and place, many women don't have things they are passionate about-spring is the time of renewal, and beginning again. Women often think that having hobbies, or making time to do nothing, is somehow a waste of time. However, just as the winter season allows the garden time to rest, you too need that time-to recharge. Besides the 2 minutes of gratitude I suggest in the morning before you get out of bed, and and the 2 minutes of reflection before you drop off to sleep (and maybe a minute mid-day for a delicious seed of a thought of your own choosing), I suggest you set aside more than that on a daily basis. In past blogs I have encouraged everyone to carve out at least 30 minutes of time to yourself for "me" time. I'd now add to that at least one fun activity or hobby per week, which has no time limit. If you are lucky enough to have that kind of business or job, I see nothing wrong with devoting a full day to feeding and watering your passion.While I am all for doing nothing sometimes, I also think that personal exploration, is also an excellent time to decompress, learn something new, and reinforce your sense of importance. Women spend an inordinate time taking care of other people-we are usually in charge of not only our work and home schedule, but kids, often husbands/significant others, maybe your parents, and who knows what else! Remember you can't give to other people, unless you take time for you. Make this a season for true GROWTH!!!

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